A Little Miracle

Sweet Lilah Joy was in the NICU for a little while, but she is thriving now and is a little miracle. Sweet little girl is so strong and doing well. Beautiful announcement for the parents when they arrived at home finally. Luna and Johnnie were pretty excited as well. All things pink all of the time!

Even though Lilah was born on March 16th we weren’t able to install the stork until May 1st as she was in the NICU. It was a great way to welcome her home though. A little miracle can happen anytime!

We usually deliver a stork within 48 hours of a baby being born, but if we need to wait we can definitely do that so they are able to enjoy the yard announcement when they arrive home, just let us know when it should arrive. Not only is the bundle personalized, but so are the pet signs. They get to stay with you as well.